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What is TriActive?

LaserDermology with TriActive is a treatment for cellulite that combines mechanical massage with low-energy lasers to break apart the pockets of fat that cause unwanted cellulite dimpling. It can be used anywhere on the body for reducing cellulite. TriActive is FDA approved as a nonmedical laser, which means that its use is not restricted to physicians — medical aestheticians and other certified individuals may also use TriActive on patients.TriActive works by stimulating blood flow to fat cells, theoretically causing the fibrous chambers that hold cellulite fat to dissolve and release surface dimples. The TriActive treatment is frequently used as an effective combination with traditional liposuction.

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What Can I Expect from a TriActive Treatment?

The TriActive treatment takes about 20 minutes. A TriActive diode laser is aimed at the cellulite-afflicted area, and low-energy pulses are transmitted through the skin into the fat. The massage tool works in conjunction with the lasers to stimulate blood flow. A comfortable mechanical massage distends the skin to increase skin elasticity and drainage. TriActive treatments are generally quite comfortable and painless. The additional handpiece may also be used to refresh facial skin.

How Many TriActive Treatments Will I Need?

TriActive produces the best results after 6-12 treatment sessions, all of which can be completed in the span of about a month. As is the case with all cellulite treatments, the effects of TriActive are temporary. You will need to exercise regularly and return for regular maintenance treatments in order to prevent cellulite from reoccurring.

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