Massage Therapy for Cellulite

Helps improve microcirculation in the fat cells

Massage can help

A number of treatments are now utilizing massage, either as a standalone technique or in combination.

Improve Circulation, Reduce Cellulite

One of the more popular techniques for the temporary treatment of cellulite is massage therapy. Massage can help improve microcirculation in the fat cells which have built up fluid and are bulging up against the now rigid fibrous septae. The theory is that by improving circulation in and around these cells excess fluid is moved out of the fat cells and into our lymphatic system. A number of treatments are now utilizing massage, either as a standalone technique as in Endermologie, or in combination with laser energy as with VelaShape™.


Originally developed in France by plastic surgeons, Endermologie is a mechanical massage treatment designed to improve circulation in and around the adipose (fat) tissue causing the fatty bulges of cellulite. The goal is to increase metabolism and reduce the size of these cells. A large number of treatments are usually administered with Endermologie, usually between 10 and 20. Results with Endermologie are temporary and maintenance sessions are recommended.

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Massage with Other Techniques

Massage is also incorporated mechanically into a number of cellulite treatment devices now. Several of these include SmoothShapes™, VelaShape, and TriActive™. The combination devices often utilize laser or radiofrequency energy to target the fibrous septae and collagen production while incorporating mechanical massage to improve circulation in the cellulite zone.

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